Speaker Prep

Thank you for participating in this year's Women InNovation conference. The urgency of funding women entrepreneurs has never been so high.  As we look to rebuild our communities, businesses, and countries hit had by the COVID-19 pandemic and imagine our future, we see strength from women-led startups.  The conversations we have today will so the seeds for tomorrow's solutions and build relationships that build an ecosystem of support for women-led startups.

To help you get oriented and comfortable with our format, we've included all the relevant information on this page for easy access.

Speaker Checklist


Short Bio

Please email a short paragraph bio


Short Quote

Please send a preferred short quote (if you have one) for us to use with your picture


Schedule Dry-Run Call

The schedule for dry-run calls is below. We ask that you hold the time for your panel.


Head Shot

Please email a preferred head-shot of yourself


Promote & Share

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Dry Run Calls

Panel 1 Speakers (Education)

Feb 22 – 11am EST

Panel 2 Speakers (Funding)

Feb 23 11am EST

Panel 3 Speakers (Ecosystem)

Feb 24 11am EST

Panel 4 Speakers (Growth)

Feb 26  11am EST

Panel 5 Speakers (Sustainability)

Feb 19  11am EST

Session Speakers

Feb 25 11am EST