A 2022 Nordic Talk

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May 24, 2022
Rise New York
43 West 23rd Street,

NEW YORK, NY 10010

Women InNovation is a global 1-day recorded event of women in sustainability - policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs and organizations - supporting female founders.  On May 24th, we'll explore, connect, and share ideas on closing the gender gap,  supporting women entrepreneurs, encouraging investors to support equal access to funding, and building thriving ecosystems built on value creation and innovation.

Opening Remarks

10:45 am EST

Opening remarks


Green Capital for Planetary Health

11:00 am EST

Meeting the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement by 2050 will require approximately $4.2 trillion in annual direct investments. This journey to net zero calls for public and private investors to mobilize funding in support of renewal energy, carbon capture and storage, sustainable agriculture, transport electrification, and water technologies.



Charles Lorum, Executive Director, Nordic Innovation House


Jenny Hrafnsdottir, General Partners, Crowberry Capital

Sabriya Stukes, Chief Scientific Officer, IndieBio NY

Julie Wolf, Principal, 2048 Ventures

Ecosystems for Gender Equality

12:00 pm EST

Women professionals working within the entrepreneurial, corporate, non-profit, and

public sectors need a community of allies and advocates who affirm their self-worth.


From New York to Helsinki, women-focused networks are providing their members

with resources, mentorship, peer learning, and support.


Susan Lindner, CEO, Emerging Media



Pia Bilting Bearfield, President, Swedish Women's Educational Association, NY

Faye Penn, Executive Director, Women NYC

Frances Simowitz, CEO, WEVE Acceleration

Luncheon & Networking

1:00 pm EST

Making 2022 the year of women-led Sustainability.

Champions for Impact

2:00 pm EST

Women-led startups and legacy firms are pioneering new sustainable tech solutions and business models for a positive environmental impact. Now, they’re sharing their best practices and new approaches for launching products, scaling growth, and entering emerging sectors.


Heli Sirvioe, University Lecturer, Columbia University



Holly T. Kristinsson, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Responsible Foods

Hildur Smaradottir MBA, CEO, Defigo

Christina Perla, CEO & Founder, MakeLab

Education for Leadership

3:00 pm EST

Technology and new ways of thinking have unlocked new opportunities for knowledge and learning for women. Alternative

educational formats have allowed the next generation of entrepreneurs and creative

catalysts to gain new skills for success.


Ash Kaluarachchi, CEO & Managing Director, Ed Tech Week



Ulla Hemminki-Reijonen, Community Manager, Helsinki Education Hub

Marie Espedal, CEO, Diller USA


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